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To support sustainable tourism in the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area by promoting environmental awareness and delivering a true nature based tour which provides clients with a unique, memorable and knowledgeable experience.
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Ningaloo Safari Tours operations are governed by an Environmental Management Plan.  As part of this plan we observe certain guidelines designed to minimise our impact on the environment.  Through the recognition of sustainable practices we can conserve and enhance the natural environment in which we operate.

When snorkeling, avoid hitting coral with your fins.  Your guide will give advice on how to use your fins without damaging corals

If you pick something up, please put it back where you found it

Please do not pick or take any items from above or below the water.  This includes flowers, plants, shells fossils, stones, artefacts, corals and other sea life

Please use the toilets and bins provided at all times

Our "Top of the Range Safari" is a nature based experience, providing information about the Cape Range and Ningaloo Marine Park which gives clients an appreciation of an area.  With an appreciation of the area they will also understand the importance of its need for conservation.  Through education and introducing a "code of conduct" we are able to encourage clients to leave minimal impact on the natural environment on which we depend, giving the Cape Range and Ningaloo Reef the respect it so rightly deserves.

If you smoke, please keep your butts and put them in a bin (after putting them out!) or in the container that is kept for that purpose in the vehicle

No feeding of wildlife.

Please do not disturb wildlife through noise or gestures

As the old saying goes: "Take only photographs; leave only your footprints!"

Each time you take a flight, drive your car or turn on the light, fossil fuel is burnt  and greenhouse gas emissions are released into the air, causing climate change.  Offsetting your emissions means that you purchase carbon credits to compensate for the greenhouse gases from your travel, home and energy usage.  That way you lower your impact on climate change.
Carbon offsets are a way to financially support carbon-cutting projects (e.g. energy efficiency projects, reforestation and renewable energy) to help negate the carbon emissions created by your travel. Some accredited Australian companies that sell carbon offsets for both plane and car travel are Greening Australia, Climate Friendly and Carbon Neutral
Fly with an airline with environmental policies in place, such as fuel-efficiency and recycling programs. Some airlines provide the opportunity to buy carbon offsets when you purchase your ticket.

By choosing a Ningaloo Safari Tour you have already taken a step to reduce your holiday carbon footprint. Travelling by bus creates fewer emissions per passenger than travelling alone in a car.